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Product Description

Different colors in the range. 1 piece 2 $. The minimum order is 9 pieces.

Tulips (Tulip) – flowers, whose name originated from the Persian word toliban (turban). Indeed, their buds are similar to the oriental headdress. Tulips are considered messengers of the sun and sunny days. Bright and beautiful, they amaze with the variety of shapes and colors, as well as a pleasant aroma.

Tulips can be presented to any holiday and to any memorable date. These flowers are presented in Egypt as a token of attention to women and men. They will always cheer up and improve the attitude. Many people like tulips because they are unpretentious. In addition, a bouquet of tulips can transform any interior. The main thing is to choose the right flowers in Egypt and decorate them nicely. At home tulips should be put in a vase with cool water, pre-cutting the stem.


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