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Holland flower in sharm

Holland flower


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Product Description

Different colors in the range. 1 piece 3 $. The minimum order is 9 pieces.

Roses Dutch (roses Holland) – the leaders in sales in Egypt. They have been known and honored since ancient times. These flowers in Egypt are very popular, because they are very beautiful and fragrant. Dutch roses amaze with a variety of shapes and shades. Rose is unique, because it always looks beautiful, it’s not for nothing that it is called the queen of plants. Dutch roses are given as a symbol of love. A bouquet of such roses can also be presented as a token of appreciation and respect.

The Dutch roses in the cultivation are whimsical and capricious, but the cut flowers in Egypt need only fresh water and a vase. Lower leaves and thorns from the stem should be removed. Water should be changed every day, while gently pruning the stem.


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