egyptian flowers in sharm el sheikh 2
egyptian flowers in sharm el sheikh

Egyptian flowers


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Product Description

Different colors in the range. 1 piece 2 $. The minimum order is 15 pieces.

Egyptian roses (egyptian roses) usually do not require special advertising. Such flowers in Egypt are always in the lead in sales. Egyptian roses are most often associated with a joyful event. They are able to make an incredible accent in bouquets and compositions, giving them a completely unmatched appearance and unsurpassed flavor.

Without any doubt, Egyptian roses are a magnificent gift. These amazing flowers in Egypt are universal, so they are given to both women and men. According to the Egyptian legend, the great ruler of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, adored roses. In honor of Mark Antony, she ordered to cover the entire floor of the hall, where a feast was held in his honor, a layer of pink petals one cubit thick. As well, that there is an opportunity to buy Egyptian roses at affordable prices in our store.


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