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Different colors in the range. 1 piece 1 $. The minimum order is 15 pieces.

Shrub chrysanthemums (Chrysanthemum) have magnificent flowers on a bush, which immediately attract attention. These flowers in Egypt are identified with the sun and believe that the dew collected from them prolongs life. Chrysanthemum bush, thanks to long flowering, symbolizes longevity, filling people with vital energy.

Shrub chrysanthemum does not require special growing conditions, the plant gives a lush bouquet. Cut flowers in Egypt cost more than three weeks. A bouquet of chrysanthemums looks great in a home interior, creating a cozy and soulful atmosphere. Chrysanthemums should be placed in a vase, pouring fresh water there. Lower leaves are best removed, and the stems are cut diagonally or slightly split with a knife. Water needs to be changed once in two days.


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